I have been extremely successful in the development and implementation of policies; spreading key messages via conference speeches and debates; and managing and participating in campaigns. My activities to further the Children’s Rights agenda are a clear example of this, but I have covered many other topics. I can help organisations to develop their agenda, advise on implementation, support their campaigns, etc.

My services in this area fall into three categories: Policy Development & Implementation Consultancy, Conferences and Meetings and Campaign Management Consultancy

1. Policy Development & Implementation Consultancy

I have practical experience in the legislative process as I was a Senator in the Irish Parliament. During my term I advocated tirelessly for the implementation of Children’s Rights and Child Protection legislation, and was able to have several pieces of legislation implemented. You can read about my accomplishments in the Seanad section of this website.

Previously, as rapporteur of the European Economic and Social Council, I wrote this body’s opinion on the EU strategy to support the Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm.

Since finishing my term I have advised several parties, assemblies and other organisations in Canada, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales on both the development of policies and how to get them implemented. I have also participated in a high-level policy conference for the Commonwealth.

I can help you develop your policies and your strategies to get these implemented.

Below you can see a video of my contribution to the debate on Arranged Marriages and Minors in the Irish Seanad:

2. Conferences and Meetings

I am available for conferences and meetings, to give or help you develop and give (key note) speeches, to participate or prepare you to participate in debates, chair meetings and debates, etc. I have extensive experience in this area; you can read about some examples below by clicking on the pictures below.


3. Campaign Management Consultancy

I have been involved in (political) campaigns from the time I worked in Brussels as a Secretary-General for the European Coordination Bureau (ECB-BEC). I continued to do so when I was a Chief Executive of an NGO and of course as a Senator.

My involvement has ranged from being at the forefront – debating with those who held opposing views, giving press conferences, activity on social media, etc. – as well as being in the background: planning, refining the message, deciding on strategy and related activities.

I am particularly proud of my contribution towards the adoption of the “Thirty-First Amendment of the Constitution (Children) Act 2012”, relating to children’s rights and the right and duty of the state to take child protection measures. A referendum was held on 10th November 2012. A majority of voters voted in favour of the referendum proposal (58% voted yes and 42% voted no).

A more recent campaign was the referendum on the “Thirty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution (Marriage Equality) Act 2015”. This was approved at a referendum on 22 May 2015 by 62% of voters.

Launch of Marriage Equality campaign, click to see full picture

I can help you develop your message, your campaigns, and help you manage them.