Executive Hiring

The need to hire the best talent to fill your senior management posts does not need explanation.

I have hands-on, practical experience in hiring the best top executives and can assist your organisation during the interview and selection process.

As a Manager and Chief Executive, I have hired many key people in the organisations I led. Some of these appointments were “make or break” for the future of the organisation in question.

Furthermore, as a Member and (Vice-)Chair of many boards, I have participated in numerous selection panels for Senior Management positions. This has included the selection of new Chief Executives.

My experience is not limited to organisations with which I have or had a direct link: I have also been a Member and Chairman of interview panels for third parties, for example for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Ireland, for hiring at very senior level.

Finally, I have also conducted and advised many organisations on how to conduct delicate staff negotiations. 

What can I do for your organisation?

I am available to assist your internal resources with my experience in how to:

conduct interviews at executive level
– run interview panels
– ensure correct procedures are followed
– maximise the chance you hire the right person

Alternatively, you might require an independent third party to ensure the neutrality of your hiring process.

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