Executive Coaching and Recruitment Panels

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is about developing an individual’s performance for the achievement of organisational goals. It helps with improving that person’s effectiveness but also is an important tool for retention.

The ‘Harvard Business Review’ describes Executive Coaching as follows:

“Executive coaching engages with people in customised ways that acknowledge and honour their individuality. It helps people know themselves better, live more consciously, and contribute more richly. The essentially human nature of coaching is what makes it work.”

I offer customised packages of Executive Coaching, each tailor-made to both the person and the organisation.

Recruitment Panels

I am not a recruiter. The service I offer is assistance with the selection process of executives, by participating in or chairing recruitment panels to assess candidates for your senior management posts.

As a senior manager or Chief Executive Officer – in both commercial organisations and NGO’s – I have hands-on, practical experience in hiring executives. As a board member, I understand the importance of choosing the right people for key positions.

I contribute my experience and expertise in participating in and/or chairing of such panels, as well as my neutral position in the process. As an example, I have been chair of recruitment panels for the Department of Foreign Affairs, for senior-level diplomatic staff, for four years.

If you have a need for Executive Coaching or need help in your selection process, please contact me to see how I can help you.