“Strategy is a singular thing; there is one strategy for a given business — not a set of strategies. It is one integrated set of choices: what is our winning aspiration; where will we play; how will we win; what capabilities need to be in place; and what management systems must be instituted?”

Roger L Martin, Harvard Business Review

From helping an organisation to answer the question on what its strategy is, to developing a strategic plan with cascading operational plans and ensuring the capacity of the organisation to deliver, I can provide guidance and support.

I have worked with Boards to support their role in creating, shaping, and safeguarding the organisation’s strategy in order to create long-term value and fulfil its purpose. I also have experience working with organisations to develop their strategic plan from analysis, to advise of the most appropriate strategic choices, to implementation.

I can assist your organisation in one or all of the following activities:
• Review of the current Strategic Plan
• Mapping of current needs and issues facing the organisation
• Identify who are your stakeholders? And to what level do they need to be engaged and involved?
• Undertake an environmental analysis with key stakeholders
• Develop an online survey to go to stakeholders identified to explore where there is consensus and where there is an absence of consensus
• Hold consultations with the CEO/Board, with staff, and with other stakeholders identified
• Analyse results and develop interview and focus group questions
• Identify who needs to be interviewed and/or participate in focus group consultations.
• Facilitate and meet with Management Team and/or Board in a workshop to test and agree on the key aims of the Strategic Plan
• Facilitate final consultation with the Board
• Support the presentation of draft Strategic Plan for Board approval

If you believe your Board and organisation can benefit from help with defining its strategy and developing it strategic plan, please contact me.