Jillian van Turnhout completes second term on the NSAC

Last Friday, I completed my second term on the National Screen Advisory Committee (NSAC).

The NSAC is an independent committee that advises the Minister for Health and the Department of Health on all new proposals for population-based screening programmes and on changes to existing programmes.

It has been a privilege to be a ‘public voice’ on this primarily medical committee, drawing from a wide range of disciplines. I hope our recommendations for screening will be implemented soon and make a positive difference. There is now a public call for a ‘public voice’ representative via Stateboards.ie (link below).

Thank you to all NSAC members and the secretariat, both past and present, for your care, commitment, and public service. For most of my term, we were fortunate to be chaired by Professor Niall O’Higgins and as my term closed, it was a delight to welcome Dr Suzanne Crowe as Chair (pictured with me).

Expression of interest for appointment to the NSAC – Epidemiology, Ethics, Public Voice, Health Economics and Obstetrics Roles can be made here.